The Dandelion Fund

Medical Assistance Program

The Dandelion Fund Medical Assistance Program provides financial assistance for dogs with life threatening medical conditions. Our program has been initiated so that the pet can stay with his family and not be euthanized or surrendered to a shelter because of the family’s inability to pay for life saving veterinary costs.

In June of 2014, my beloved dachshund, Dandelion, ruptured a disc in her back and her hind legs were completely paralyzed. Luckily for me, I had the ability to rush her to a wonderful surgeon, Dr. Paul Howard, at Vermont Veterinary Surgical Center in Colchester, Vermont. He saved Dandelion’s life. She has since recovered beautifully from her ordeal, and once again, walks and runs, albeit with a wobbly gait!

When I called my local veterinarian to see what to do in the initial hour of Dandelion’s injury, he said, “You know a lot people might have to put their dog down due to the cost.”

Since that day, I have thought about his words frequently and hence was born The Dandelion Fund. We are linked with Danny & Ron’s Rescue (click here for link), and your much appreciated tax deductible donation can be made online:

or sent directly to them at:

Danny & Ron’s Rescue
PO Box 604
Camden, SC 29021-0604

Please be sure to note with your donation that it is for THE DANDELION FUND

Thank you!
Missy Clark